What are the terms of payment?

Included with the final proposal will be well established payment terms.

Usually, we will request a deposit, a progress payment, and final balance at the completion of the job. Our preferred method of payment is cheque.

What kind of warranty can I expect?

We offer a one year warranty on all structural components of your project. This includes frost heave and ground settling on any construction completed in whole by us. Considering the climate we live in, some minor movement can be expected in structural components.

Sod will be guaranteed for one year after install with irrigation. If you do not have irrigation it will be site specific. All plant material and trees will be site specific as well.

Living material such as trees and plants are subject to shock which is out of our control. We will make every effort to ensure any of your plant material has the best possible chance of thriving in your yard.

We want to offer good customer service and are quite generous with our time if any problems do occur. In many situations we will offer extended warranty on large scale items. We are prepared to stand behind our work.

What happens if I want to make a change?

We are reasonable to deal with. If there is something you would like to change during construction, we will make an effort to accommodate you. We do want you to be happy.

Please keep in mind, depending on the progression of your yard, not all things can be changed with ease.

Why is landscaping so expensive?

If you have never had a tradesman at your house you may view the general cost as expensive. We are a small company and operate with very conservative profit margins.

Landscaping involves a lot of hard physical work, and a good skill set is required to complete even a basic project and maintain properties. We need to have many different types of tools and various kinds, sizes of equipment to complete your work.